Find the Best Compensation Lawyers in Surry Hills

Injuries affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. In some serious cases, they affect our ability to care and provide for our families and loved ones. The devastating financial and emotional damage can be hard to recover from. As one of the most respected and experienced compensation law firm in Surry Hills, we help protect people from the negative consequences of injury.

Our team of solicitors have gained vast experience in compensation, insurance, negligence, workplace and superannuation claims making us uniquely qualified to help you receive the maximum allowed claim entitlement. No matter what your particular situation is, we have got a specialist lawyer to fight your case.

When you bring a case to us, we assess it for free before letting one of our lawyers start the normal legal proceedings. Over the years, our solicitors have had most compensation claims settled before going to court. Most compensation claim procedures take place during stressful times and no client wants a long drawn-out proceeding. Clearly, having an experienced lawyer handle your case can make a huge difference. Our expertise enables us to navigate through complex case scenarios to get you the outcome you deserve.

For people who suffer a loss of wages as a result of a road accident or an unexpected event at the workplace or in a public place, superannuation policies provide them with substantial compensation. However, superannuation companies often reject Total Permanent Disability(TPD) claims without providing any proper reasons. Our team of superannuation lawyers will advise you and help protect your rights by ensuring you get the maximum entitlements on your TPD claim.

When it comes to your future and health, it is wise to work with a specialist. If you feel that you have a valid compensation claim, our solicitors will walk with you through the proceedings to ensure you get the best outcome. We cover a wide range of personal injury matters, and a free consultation with one of our solicitors will disclose the potential outcome of your case. If your case has merit, retaining our services is the best way of obtaining a favorable outcome.